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Question - 1 : (Dogs) that are (trained) to lead (a) blind must be (loyal) intelligent and calm .

a) Dogs

b) trained

c) loyal

d) a

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Question - 2 : NEEDLE : KNIT

a) Match : fire

b) Loom : weave

c) Soap : wash

d) Bed : sleep

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Question - 3 : মানব পাচার প্রতিরোধ ও দমন আইন, ২০১০ -এ সংঘবদ্ধ মানব পাচার গোষ্ঠীর প্রত্যেক অপরাধ সংঘটনকারীর সর্বোচ্চ শাস্তি —-

a) মৃত্যুদণ্ড

b) যাবজ্জীবন কারাদণ্ড

c) ৩০ বছর কারাদণ্ড

d) ২০ বছর কারাদণ্ড

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Question - 4 : সংকর ধাতু পিতলের উপাদান হল –

a) তামা ও টিন

b) তামা ও দস্তা

c) তামা ও নিকেল

d) তামা ও সীসা

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Question - 5 : Before adapting to changes in value, many prefer to —–, to———– the universally agreed on principles that have been upheld for centuries.

a) Innovate… protect

b) Resist… defend

c) Ponder … subvert

d) Vacillate … publicize

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Question - 6 : জীবনস্মৃতি’ কার আত্মজীবনী?

a) বুদ্ধদেব বসু

b) রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর

c) রজনীকান্ত সেন

d) সৈয়দ মুজতবা আলী

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Question - 7 : I cant give assurance ___ help.

a) with

b) of

c) for

d) in

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Question - 8 : Which one is a computer virus ?

a) PHP

b) SQL

c) CIH

d) Blue-Ray

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Question - 9 : উড়োজাহাজের গতি নির্ণায়ক যন্ত্র_

a) ক্রনোমিটার

b) ট্যাকোমিটার

c) হাইড্রোমিটার

d) ওডোমিটার

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Question - 10 : The author of the book arms and the man is

a) william shakespeare

b) Lewis carol

c) Erich maria remarque

d) George bernard shaw

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Amazing Ways Alzheimer's Impacts Women Differently Than Men

Why ladies are frequently analyzed late and other must-know certainties.

 While Alzheimer's illness is normal among the two people—it's the 6th driving reason for death in the US in general—its predominance (the extent of individuals inside the populace who have it) is a lot higher among ladies. Indeed, around 66% of Americans with Alzheimer's are female.

 One potential purpose behind this is ladies frequently outlast men, giving them a more drawn out fateful opening to create Alzheimer's, clarifies Margo Block, DO, a nervous system specialist with benefits at Belton Regional Medical Center in Belton, Missouri, and an office in Independence, Missouri. A few specialists point to extra, organic purposes behind the distinction in rates since contemplates have additionally discovered the accompanying about ladies:

 They have increasingly amyloid plaques—proteins related with the improvement of Alzheimer's—in their minds. This was valid crosswise over different phases of the malady and diverse age bunches in an examination including around 1,000 individuals.

 They have been found to encounter mental decay at a rate just about multiple times quicker than men.

 They were more probable than men to grow long haul thinking issues after medical procedures including general anesthesia, as per another investigation.

 While more research is expected to decide precisely how sex and sex impact Alzheimer's hazard, hereditary qualities, hormones and sexual orientation related stressors may all assume a job. Dr. Square says something regarding a portion of the other one of a kind ways Alzheimer's effects ladies.

 Ladies might be analyzed late

 Men are regularly determined to have Alzheimer's more instantly than ladies, enabling them to get treatment sooner.

 So for what reason are the signs regularly ignored in ladies?

 "Ladies are commonly known for their progressed verbal abilities," says Dr. Square. "So there might be a lot of mind work misfortune before it gets obvious to friends and family that something's incorrectly." Since screening tests are to a great extent dependent on verbal memory aptitudes, ladies might have the option to cover their indications until they're further along in the illness course, as well.

 Ladies may accuse different conditions

 Another explanation ladies get analyzed late: "Sleep deprivation or discouragement may seem to mess memory up when it's really Alzheimer's," says Block.

 "I much of the time see ladies grumbling of mind-set issues or trouble dozing—moreso than their male partners," she includes. "Ladies may simply accept 'stress' is the reason for their indications."

 Alzheimer's and providing care

 Not exclusively are ladies determined to have Alzheimer's all the more regularly, they're likewise bound to think about somebody with the condition. Around 60 percent of unpaid parental figures are female. All the more explicitly, most of parental figures are moderately aged females who regularly should adjust the obligations of eldercare, childcare and work, alongside monetary arranging and any family unit duties.

 That allows for self-care, including guiding and therapeutic arrangements. Since they may not get immediate treatment for their own wellbeing needs, parental figures have about double the pace of constant ailment, contrasted and the overall public. They're particularly inclined to discouragement and guardian burnout.

 Gradually expanding influences

 Since ladies frequently fill numerous jobs, the whole family can be influenced when a lady either builds up Alzheimer's or turns into a full-time parental figure. Relational peculiarities may change accordingly, and different obligations can fall by the wayside, adding to the pressure she as of now feels.

 For the two guardians and ladies with Alzheimer's, doctor's visit expenses, in addition to time spent away from work can bring about obligation, loss of advantages and even employment misfortune. One report found about twice the same number of ladies surrendered their occupations than men so as to fulfill providing care needs. Ladies were likewise twice as liable to lose their advantages and bound to feel criticized at work on account of their providing care obligations.

 Find support for these warnings

 "In the event that a lady or her relatives notice the early cautioning indications of Alzheimer's, they ought to request a screening assessment from her essential consideration doctor," says Block. "In the event that her PCP has concerns dependent on those outcomes, she'll likely be alluded to a nervous system specialist for additional assessment."

 Make a meeting with your primary care physician on the off chance that you experience:

 Emotional episodes or character changes

 A sleeping disorder

 Focus issues

 Inconvenience arranging or deciding

 Challenges putting away new data

 These warnings might be early indications of dementia, however they could likewise show gentle psychological weakness (MCI). MCI includes changes to intuition capacities that don't generally advance to Alzheimer's. A few people with this condition may encounter side effects that stay generally the equivalent or improve after some time.

 Notwithstanding whether your side effects are expected to MCI, Alzheimer's or another condition like despondency, it's basic to see your primary care physician immediately. Doing so enables them to begin testing your reasoning capacities intermittently. That can assist them with deciding if your side effects are improving after some time and can help guarantee you get the most ideal treatment.