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Question - 1 : The symbol on a screen that tells you where you are is known as –

a) Scroll

b) Window

c) Cursor


Right Answer: c) Cursor

Do This for 20 Minutes to Skirt Alzheimer's

To cut your danger of Alzheimer's by the greater part, simply do this for 20 minutes two times per week: walk.

 Practicing for 20 to 30 minutes a few times each week not just sliced Alzheimer's hazard by as much as 60 percent in an examination yet in addition cut the danger of normal dementia down the middle.

 Way of life versus Qualities

 In the investigation, midlife practice seemed, by all accounts, to be key in warding off mental decay sometime down the road. Also, the individuals who had qualities that made them progressively defenseless to Alzheimer's received the best defensive rewards from physical movement. Incredible to realize that qualities don't really control your predetermination, isn't that so?

 Little Effort, Big Rewards

 Individuals in the examination didn't need to practice hard to secure their mind, either. Two or three reasonably extreme exercises seven days was all it took. Analysts speculate that activity ensures the mind by advancing vein wellbeing and boosting the cerebrum's capacity to fix harm. Here are three progressively incredible approaches to keep your noggin youthful:

 Feed it. This brain boosting breakfast nourishment may make you more intelligent.

 Bolster it. Taking these enhancements may make your memory more grounded.